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These stunning pencil point gemstone earrings are a step up from your traditional hoops. Each earring features a natural gemstone pencil point . Not only are these natural gemstones earrings great for their healing and protection properties they are super versatile and can be worn with pretty much anything in your closet. Wear them alone or stack them up with some ear cuffs for the ultimate boho look. Add these to your jewelry collection today!




Gemstone measures : Aprox. 14 X 5mm

Hoops : 15mm




Gold Plated : Thick 18k gold plating over Sterling silver



Natural Moonstone


Said to protect sailors and travelers along the waters, Moonstone is a very powerful stone. Like the moon it's reflective and reminds us that everything is part of a cycle of change. Often known as the stone of new beginnings, it increases intuition and helps us channel our inner goddess. Among other benefits its usually recommended for deep emotional healing, disorders of the upper GI tract related to stress, anxiety, digestive and reproductive system and detoxification.



  • Natural Aquamarine


Known as the stone of the sea goddess Aquamarine counteracts the forces of darkness and shields our aura. It's a great stone for meditation and helps anyone overwhelmed with responsibility. It is very helpful to understand underlying emotional states giving us clarity and strength to move forward with emotional situations. Among other benefits its usually recommended to increase intuition, for people with autoimmune conditions, beneficial for stress, fears and the immune system.


Natural Pink Opal


Opals are considered highly absorbent and reflective. Known as a Karmic stone it pickups your thoughts and feelings amplifies them and returns them. Opal has long been associated with love, passion and desire. Among other benefits its usually beneficial for spontaneity, intuition, fear, loyalty, self-worth, earth-healing.



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